An integrated development project for the rural people of south-central Mexico was the dream of  Bishop, Dr. Alejandro Ruiz.  He believed God called the church to respond to, not only the spiritual welfare of people, but also the needs of disadvantaged farming families, offering them opportunities to learn and grow so they can address their own needs to improve their lives and communities.

In 1972, Bishop Ruiz invited Terry and Muriel Henderson to come to Mexico to serve with the Methodist Church of Mexico, first with a small development program in Miraflores for five years and then in 1977, the Bishop assigned them to develop and direct an integrated development program  which he named  “Give Ye Them To Eat.”  By 1985 the program had grown and having acquired livestock, two vehicles, office equipment and an office building, it was in the best interest of the program to register the project as a Non-Profit organization with the Mexican government. The official name of the organization in México became Proyección Humana de México, A.C.

In looking for a way to support this outreach program, the Hendersons applied to the General Board of Global Ministries for Advance Special status.  The application was approved by the GBGM and Dr. Alejandro Ruiz and the name given to the Advance Special was “Give Ye Them To Eat.”   With Advance Special status, permission was given to raise funds through the United Methodist Church in the USA. Thus the GYTTE staff and the Hendersons have promoted the giving of donations from United Methodist Churches, families and individuals through the Advance Special in support of the GYTTE program.

Although the Hendersons retired in 2013 they continue providing their unconditional support to the GYTTE Program. The new missionary couple, Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mairena, are committed to continuing this Advance Special by promoting this mission with the United Methodist Churches in the USA. The fund-raising process of visiting churches in the USA, corresponding with them, the writing of promotional materials and newsletters as well as the annual reporting to the GBGM continue to allow this project to be an oasis of education, Christ’s love and hope for many impoverished rural sectors in south-central México.

This is a video detailing the mission trip by Chapelwood United Methodist Church to the "Give Ye Them To Eat" mission in Tlancualpican, Mexico in November 2010 - By Carlton Cole.


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