Muriel Henderson is a United Methodist missionary assigned to the Methodist Church of Mexico with her husband, Terry, where they have served since 1972.  Mrs. Henderson serves as program coordinator, fundraiser and teacher for “Give Ye Them To Eat”, an Advance Special program of the United Methodist Church.  “The objective of this social outreach program,” she says, “is to collaborate with village families in their effort to secure a better life within their own culture, community and country.  Villagers choose the development tools and training that will best fit their needs.”  She  also organizes leadership training events in Christian Education  in the Southeast Annual Conference of the Methodist Church of Mexico.

Mrs. Henderson reflects on her work:  “GYTTE staff members travel out to the village areas to hold training events, where they work with  men, women and youth who have little formal education.  As we see people implementing effective ways to overcome community problems, improve their family health and diet as well as sharing their faith, I am convinced that God works through this ministry.”  

Through the Hendersons’ coordination, “Training events are also offered at the program’s “Tree of Life” Training Center.  Through these practical learning experiences villagers acquire skills and knowledge related to group dynamics and leadership, family health, appropriate technology, alternative methods of construction, sustainable farming practices, and environmentally sound livestock management practices.  These activities help to accomplish the goal which is to alleviate hunger and poverty as families and communities progress and share their knowledge and resources with their neighbors.”

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Mrs. Henderson earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Arizona State University. She also studied Christian Education at Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, TX. Prior to going to Mexico, she served in Chile at the Methodist Agricultural School, El Vergel.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson have two adult children, Terrell and Tony, and six grandchildren.  The Hendersons hold church membership in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference.

Bio as of 2/08
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