The objective is to better family life; decrease human drudgery; promote an atmosphere of mutual support; increase people´s awareness of the nature and causes of community problems and learn a process to overcome them. Appropriate technology is an integral part of the training that GYTTE offers.

Community Development is a process which empowers people to improve the living conditions within their own culture, community and family. The GYTTE program fosters community development by offering workshops in  realistic, low-cost and low-tech methods for improving daily life.

As people and communities search for ways to achieve the objectives of this program, it is vital that they take into consideration the preservation of the environment.

Some of the courses, classes and workshops are:

Fuel-Efficient Mud Stove

  • Mud Stove Working height base instead of traditional open fire on the floor
  • Less risk  of fires and burn injuries
  • Uses less firewood than an open fire
  • Vented pipe eliminates smoke in the home
  • Two cooking surfaces
  • Easy to build
  • Economical construction supplies
  • Materials readily available

    Solar Cookers
    • Easy  and inexpensive  to make with readily available materials
    • The slow cooking process preserves the vitamins and minerals in the food
    • Food cooks with solar energy

    Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables
    • Saves money by processing foods when they are in season and more economical
    • Processed  food requires less storage space
    • Retains vitamins and minerals in the food
    • Simple process to learn and implement

    Dry Composting Toilets

    • Uses no water (a limited resource in most communities)
    • Easy for families to build
    • Economical construction supplies
    • Materials readily available
    • Ecologically sound
    • Protects water sources
    • Provides resources:
      • Fertilizer-urea
      • Composted humanure

    More information about Dry Composting Toilets

    Alternative Construction Materials and Methods

    Straw Bale Construction
    • Rammed Earth
    • Straw Bale
    • Clay-Straw
    • Adobe
    • Cob, etc.

    • Although adobe requires more expertise, the others are user-friendly construction methods
    • Water Pumping Systems:
      • Hydraulic Ram Pump
      • Rope Washer Pump
      • Solar Powered Pump
    • Crafts using Recycled Materials
      • Recycled Paper
      • Corn Husk Flow