Terry Henderson is an agricultural missionary assigned to the Methodist Church of Mexico with his wife, Muriel, where they have served since 1972. As director of the “Give Ye Them to Eat” program, he oversees the work of this integrated development project which is sponsored jointly by the Methodist Church of Mexico and the United Methodist Church through the Advance program of the General Board of Global Ministries.

Mr. Henderson describes his work: “This social outreach program complements the evangelistic work of the Methodist Church of Mexico. We offer classes and courses in a variety of subjects including leadership development, family health and nutrition, appropriate technology, and alternative construction methods. We also offer training in sustainable agricultural practices that curb erosion and improve the soil so their rocky, eroded hillsides will produces food for the family and feed for their livestock. Environmentally-sound livestock management practices are also taught and quality livestock are distributed.”

Reflecting on his mission, he comments, “When needy people have the tools for development they can solve the problems within their own community. The knowledge and skills to make their land produce in a way that in environmentally sound  and economically feasible provide farm families with the means to remain on their land rather than migrating to crowded cities where only urban poverty awaits them. Learning how to build low-cost, thermal structures for home construction and cook stoves as well as the building of dry-composting toilet systems give people alternatives to crossing national borders in search of a more secure future. When I see people reaching the potential that God has placed within them, I have no doubt God is working through them and this outreach ministry.”

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. Henderson studied at Mesa Community College, Arizona state University, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona campus. He worked as an evaluator-trainer for the Division of Vocational  Rehabilitation for the State of Arizona; as an agricultural mechanic for the University of Arizona Experimental farm, and as a social worker at Wesley Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to going to Mexico, Mr. Henderson served at the El Vergel

Agricultural School in Chile where he taught classes in agriculture and related subjects.

Terry and his wife, Muriel, are parents of two adult children, Terrell and Tony and six grandchildren. They hold church membership in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference.

Bio as of 2/08
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