October 26, 2009


Dear Family and Friends:


Greetings from Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, in Show Low, AZ, Muriel's new home away from home (cabin in Pinetop), away from home (Training Center in Tlancualpcian, Mexico)!

It seems like last Thursday evening, when our son, Tony, brought Muriel to the ER, was a long time ago. Doctor Weekly was just in to see her and said she is progressing well. The goal is for her INR (International Normalization Ratio) to move to between 2 and 3 and stabilize there a day or two so she can go home. When the blood thinners do their trick, and her blood is thinned to the necessary therapeutic ratio, Muriel will be out of danger of forming new blood clots.

After sixteen hours of travel, including three flights, I arrived at the hospital on Saturday evening. Muriel was having difficulty breathing but decided it was just her heart beating rapidly from seeing me again! But her breathing has been better in the days since then.

Thank you for your prayers, concern, cards, calls, e-mails, balloons, candy, ice cream, flowers and visits. God is so very good to have surrounded us with such a wonderful international family to care for and love us. Have a blessed day.


In Christ,

Terry D. Henderson

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