The dry-composting toilet system continues to be the most sought-after technology and course we offer, with village families coming from near and far to learn how to build this sanitation device which can provide improved health and dignity for families and communities.  The course participants learn by joining the GYTTE staff in building the system at the home of a village family enrolled in the program. Then they’ll return home to build their own and teach their neighbors to do the same.


November 2008

Dear Friends:

God is awesome and the friends of the ”Give Ye Them To Eat”  program are amazing! You and so many others made a tremendous effort this past summer and early fall to ensure that the GYTTE staff and missionaries continue to serve the rural poor of south-central Mexico by offering development opportunities that change lives and communities.  We praise God for your invaluable help!  Thank you!!!

The extra donations that came in for this mission project made it possible for us to host  numerous training events for villagers wanting to learn agriculture and community development skills and technologies as well as learn about health issues and Christian education.


Everyday, people are returning home to Mexico due to the economic crisis in the United States.  Even though the employment and economic situation is even worse here in Mexico,  coming home is the only thing they can do when they no longer have jobs in the USA.

For those returning to the rural areas as well as those who already reside here, the GYTTE program offers development alternatives so they can progress towards improving their agriculture, diet, health and life in general, right where they are, with what they have available to them.  Learning new skills and gaining new insights into low-tech methods of addressing agricultural and community needs regarding soil conservation, agricultural production and food security, pumping systems as well as safe and environmentally-sound  cook stoves,  sanitation directives and home construction can change a subsistence-level way of living into a healthy, fulfilled life in their own culture and country.


The construction courses we offer are also popular.  Learning to build a one or two room home using rammed earth, cob, straw bale and/or clay-straw as building materials, makes a home a reality for many families.  Using locally available and user-friendly building supplies is the key to people being able to provide for their own housing.


The  training events for Sunday School teachers were well attended with lots of interest on the part of the participants who were eager to learn.  We have no doubt that their enthusiasm was contagious when they returned to their local churches to teach.


Thank you for your contribution that makes this vital ministry possible.  We hope you can continue your support as partners in this mission outreach program.

In His service and yours,

Terry and Muriel Henderson


The GYTTE trained community-based, primary health workers teach people one on one and in groups. Either way, the shear numbers of people they reach annually convince us that people find this teaching as a way to address the health and first aid needs of their family and community.  For that reason we continue to provide the health workers with first aid supplies and continuing education classes.