30 Year History of Ministry: 1977 –2007

1977 : At Annual Conference in Mexico City , Terry and Muriel Henderson were appointed to establish and direct a new rural development program which the late Bishop, Dr. Alejandro Ruiz, named “Give Ye Them To Eat.” or GYTTE for short. It was determined that the program would be located in Puebla, Mexico, so the Hendersons moved from the mission project they had served their first five year in Mexico to the city of Puebla. The Hendersons talked with two agencies in the process of designing this new outreach program as more ministry could be accomplished by networking with other mission agencies. The first organization to join in this effort was Heifer Project International, headquartered in Arkansas and the second was the Gospel Relief Mission, based in California .

1977 – 1990 : By networking with Heifer Project International the result was a livestock development program with GYTTE representing HPI in the country of Mexico from 1977 – 1990. HPI covered half of the budget and the GYTTE program raised the rest. The Gospel Relief Mission offered the facilities of their small livestock center on the outskirts of Puebla , rent-free, as the base of operation for the GYTTE program. During those years 10,000 animal units were distributed to an equal number of families who were trained in livestock management practices. This ministry made a great impact in the lives, incomes and diets of families all over the Republic of Mexico .

1990 : It was this year that the “Give Ye Them To Eat” program purchased land for a Training Center close to the small community of Tlancualpican. At this point the GYTTE staff and program took on a more integrated approach to development, addressing the needs of resource-poor families in the rural sector by serving people in the areas of Community and Agricultural Development, Community & Family Health, and Church & Faith Development as well as Livestock Development. In 1990 a groundbreaking ceremony was held to start construction on the Training Center that would serve as a window into the world of development, showcasing the various services offered by the GYTTE program.

1991 : At this time three GYTTE employees were hired by HPI and Heifer Project of Mexico was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the country, independent of the GYTTE program. To this day the HPI program continues to serve the people of Mexico . One of the jobs of a missionary is to train national leadership to serve within their own country. The GYTTE staff is grateful to have had the opportunity to help establish Heifer Project in Mexico .

1990 - 2000 : While the staff and missionaries continued with GYTTE's integrated outreach program in Church & Faith Development, Community & Family Health, and Community, Agriculture and Livestock Development, work/study teams and volunteers from the USA came to Tlancualpican to build the Center. In the year 2000, The “Tree of Life” Training Center for Integrated Development was dedicated. Even during the construction of the Training Center , tours, workshops, classes and courses were hosted so needy families could receive training that would give them the skills and knowledge to enable them to remain on their land and within their own culture and community, while progressing towards a more secure future.

2001 – 2007 : The ministry of the GYTTE staff, missionaries, volunteers and work teams continues! More and more people are impacted by the love and grace of God in their lives as they experience opportunity and a vision of moving from subsistence living to life of dignity open to many possibilities that inspire hope. This year “Give Ye Them To Eat” celebrates its 30 th Anniversary of Mission Outreach by continuing to serve the people in the Southeast Annual Conference and beyond. Thank you for your prayer and financial support during these past three decades of missions. We invite you to join us in ministry for the next decade as we serve God by serving our brothers and sisters in Mexico .

Terry & Muriel Henderson