Friday, May 20, 2005:  Medical Update on Muriel

Good News!  We continue to receive good news.  First we learned that the four sentinel nodes were clear of any cancer.  Now the pathology report states that the largest tumor was 1.6 centimeter in size and what we had hoped for was to be less than two centimeters.  Both these factors are significant and point to Muriel being cancer free. We believe we have experienced a miracle.

This week the four drains were removed making recovery more comfortable.  Although Muriel is experiencing pain we know that will decrease with time as her healing becomes more complete.  Next week we have an appointment with Dr. Bi, Muriel’s oncologist, to go over the pathology report in detail and discuss future treatment plans.

Muriel has a wonderful surgeon in the person of Dr. Richard Perry. And we’ve been blessed by the skilled and loving care of many medical professionals at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital and the other facilities that have provided for Muriel’s pre-surgery tests and post-surgery care.

We feel so loved by so many, even by those whom we have never met. Thank you for your thoughts, actions, cards, calls, messages, flowers and chocolates.  But most of all, thank you for your prayers. Your care has been overwhelming. We have felt God’s closeness and love through you.

Muriel and Terry Henderson.