May 13, 2005:  Medical Update on Muriel

Muriel came through her surgery without any complications.  Bilateral mastectomies were performed and a pathologist will examine the tissue in order to make a recommendation for further treatmentWe won’t have any results from those tests until the end of next week. The four lymph nodes that were removed showed no signs of cancer. Praise God!  She was released from the hospital on Friday to begin her healing.

Thank you all for your thoughts, your prayers, your concern and your advice. Thank God for His continued presence in our lives and for those who surround and support us.

Muriel will be convalescing at her sister's home, Robin Gavin, 1202 W. Vista Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021.   We also can be reached at our cell phone: 928.242.0019. Updates will be posted on this website.