July 19, 2005

Dear Friends:

It has been a month since we last wrote and a lot has happened that we want to share. Most importantly we want to thank you for your continued prayers for our health and the ministry of the “Give Ye Them To Eat” program and staff in Mexico.

Muriel had her first and second chemo treatments with three week’s rest in between.  The June 23rd treatment went well but the side effects that kicked in later that day and continued for a week were really bad.  We have experienced Typhoid and Salmonella during our years in mission service and now we have something to compare those experiences to; chemotherapy.  Trust us; if you can avoid any of these three, be sure to do so!

Fortunately, Muriel continued to improve as she moved into the second and third week. For the July 14th treatment, the oncologist gave her a different anti-nausea medicine with her pre-med drip before the chemo and that seems to have worked.  There are other side effects and fatigue, of course, but the debilitating nausea night and day has not consumed her as before.  Praise God! We hope she will continue to do well.

Terry is back in Mexico serving with the GYTTE staff at the Puebla office and out at the “Tree of Life” Training Center.  He and the staff have a busy summer schedule.  Terry hopes to return to Arizona for a couple weeks the second half of August. That will put a smile on Muriel’s face!

As we have been blessed by God’s mercy and grace, we pray that you experience God’s embracing love in your life.

In Christ,

Muriel and Terry Henderson