July  2005

Dear Friends:

It has been a month since we last wrote and a lot has happened that we want to share. Most importantly we want to thank you for your continued prayers for our health and the ministry of the “Give Ye Them To Eat” program and staff. 

Although Muriel continues in the USA for health reasons, Terry is back in Mexico with rural reality taking little time to remind him of the other world he lives in. No sooner had he arrived at the “Tree of Life” Training Center then the rain started pouring and the electricity went out. Over the next week the electricity was intermittent but the work continued. Electricity is a blessing but not a requirement for the foreign mission field!

In early July, GYTTE hosted two VBS teacher-training sessions.  Approximately 120 people attended. The staff taught people how to use the new material the GYTTE staff produced and how to involve their students in participatory learning.  We are pleased with the response.


VBS Teacher Training Session
VBS Teacher Training Session

Mid-July was Annual Conference so Terry and the GYTTE staff were busy attending the sessions and hosting the booth for Christian Education and VBS materials as well as manning the Clergy Closet. Each year we try to collect enough lovingly used suits, shirts, ties and dresses to provide new attire for our clergy.  We are grateful to the people and churches in the USA who have made this possible. Annual Conference was a blessing for everyone involved.

GYTTE stand
GYTTE Booth at Annual Conference - providing
VBS Materials for local churches

Clergy Closet

Clergy Closet at Annual Conference

The first half of the summer has gone very well and there is much ministry yet in the making. For now, we request your prayers for the following needs:

  • Those affected in the Caribbean, Mexico and Texas by hurricane Emily;
  • The pastors and their families moving to new churches for ministry;
  • The VBS teachers who will be reaching out to the children in their communities, for Christ;
  • The planning and work involved for the GYTTE training events for the rest of the summer;  
  • Terry’s travel between Tlancualpican, Puebla and Arizona; and
  • Muriel’s health and stamina during the next chemo treatments.

As we have been blessed by God’s mercy and grace, we pray that you experience God’s embracing love in your life.

In Christ,

Muriel and Terry Henderson

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