• In April and August Muriel went to Phoenix , AZ for her medical checkups. No cancer was found. Praise God!
  • Terry is happy that Muriel is back in Mexico so he doesn't have to travel to AZ to visit her.
  • We are grateful for the talented and dedicated GYTTE staff with which we are privileged to serve.
  • The many volunteers, teams and donors who participate in the ministry of “Give Ye Them To Eat” have blessed this outreach program, those whom we serve and our lives.
  • Our daughter, Terrell and her husband Daniel, presented us with a new grandson in May, Seth Harrison Eustice. His siblings Isaac (14), Heather (12), and Tiffany (7) are enjoying Seth as much as the baby delights in their company.
  • It's been fun to be with their family when we travel to Phoenix for family and medical needs.
  • Our son, Tony, returned to school this summer and is now employed as a truck driver in Arizona .
  • Tony's sons, Axel (11) and Tony Jr. (13), continue in Puebla where they live with their mother, Martha. At school they are in the 6 th and 8 th grades.
  • We spend a great deal of time with Axel and Tony when we are at the office in Puebla .
  • It is a joy to have grandchildren in Mexico and in the USA .
  • The year 2006 has also been a time of loss. In February Muriel's niece, Shannon Bell Reeves, 34, passed away. In April Terry's nephew Travis and his wife, Vickie, suffered the loss of their newborn son, Brody Henderson. Muriel's mother, Lyleth Heath, 85, passed away in June.
  • Once again, we found that God is sufficient and is always ready to meet our needs.

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