Fall 2010

Dear Friends:

“Thank You” really doesn’t express all that we feel or how grateful we are for your mission donation for the ongoing ministry of the “Give Ye Them To Eat” program.  The GYTTE staff and outreach project, through which we serve the people of south-central Mexico, could not have continued without you. As these disadvantaged farming families are caught up in this world-wide financial downswing, a program to equip people to be more self-sufficient and teach them how to diversify, is more vital then ever.    

Over the last eighteen months there have been so many times when we wondered if this ministry could continue. Yet, with your help, villagers continue to be trained and equipped to better their own situation.
Like churches, ministries and missions around the world, the GYTTE program has suffered a steady decline in donations, yet we continue to serve as best we can.  We are in good company as those who financially support this development ministry are also experiencing difficult financial challenges.  Thank you for what you can do and have done in support of the GYTTE program and us, as your missionaries.

This chart lists the amazing ways in which YOU reached out to thousands of people through the GYTTE program during the August 2009 – July 2010 Conference  Year.  Thank You!

Health Classes &
 Training Events

Pueblo Partner Workshops:
Community,  Agricultural
& Livestock  Development

Church & Faith

Classes on Dental Hygiene, Nutrition, Cancer, etc.

Workshops on Alternative Construction Methods & Materials

Production & Distribution of Advent – Christmas Materials

9-Regional Meetings: Ongoing education for 69 GYTTE-Trained, Health Workers

Workshops on the Construction & Use of the Solar Cooker

Production & Distribution of VBS Materials
“The Time Machine”

The Teaching of Preventive Health Measures During Four Medical Teams

Workshops on Square-Foot Gardening

Conference-Wide VBS Teacher Training Event

Community-based, primary health workers taught & attended to first-aid needs for more than 11,000 people.

One-Week Training Event on Rural Development for the Seminary Students from the Mexico City Methodist Seminary

Introductory Classes with a guided tour of the Training Center for more than 400 participants

Intermediate Health Course on First-Aid

Dry Composting Toilet System Workshops

Retreats on 
Creation Stewardship

Recruitment Activities for candidates for the next series of 3 Health Course

Academic Scholarships for worthy but needy students

AWARE Teams & Volunteers
5 Teams & various  Volunteers from KS, TN, PA, VA, & IN

In Christ,

Terry & Muriel Henderson