Dear Friends:

Christmas Greetings! Feliz Navidad!

We didn't want this year to come to a close without thanking you for being so gracious and generous again this year. Actually, we felt that 2006 was one huge Christmas gift! God is so good, and consequently we can't think of 2006 as anything other than a gift from God.

In the year 2006:

Cancer was conquered and Muriel returned to the mission field in Mexico.

The GYTTE staff hosted the first of three Health Courses in Sonora , Mexico , for women in the Northwest Annual Conference. It was quite the trip from Tlancualpican to Agua Prieta.

GYTTE scholarship students continued their studies to prepare them to serve their country, church and God.

The GYTTE staff demonstrated dedication, creativity, and compassion in meeting the needs of the people and churches served through this ministry.

Work/study teams and volunteers came to complete the multipurpose building and continued to work on the Samuel Hartman Memorial Sports Court at the Training Center , as well as a hundred other projects.

The “Give Ye Them To Eat” program received financial support from generous donors to keep the GYTTE staff involved in twelve months of outreach ministries in health, church and faith development, agriculture, community and livestock development.

Terry experienced some hiccups in his health that required time with the doctor. Evidently we needed just a little more excitement to close out the year so we have spent most of December in Arizona . We trust God has everything under control, as God always does!

Thank you for keeping the GYTTE program, staff and missionaries in your thoughts and prayers and helping to make 2006 so very special. During this season we read the following in our Upper Room Devotional Guide: “God's promise of a savior comes to us anew each Advent season. With fulfillment of the divine promise also comes God's call to us -- a call to live in love, to walk in the ways of peace, and to fill our lives with the truly good qualities that our following Christ can nurture within us.” As we prepare for Christmas and a new year we anxiously await God's call to new beginnings and continued service in 2007. We pray that you will experience Christ in your life as your greatest gift.

In Him who came, who comes and will come again,

Terry and Muriel Henderson

"GIVE YE THEM TO EAT" is an Advance Special project of the United Methodist Church . If you wish to make a donation to this ministry, send your gift to the General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC.  Make your check out to “Advance GCFA” and designate your gift for "Give Ye Them To Eat", No. 07629A. Address your gift to:  Advance Office – GBGM, 475 Riverside Drive , Room 1400, New York , NY    10115.

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