September 2006

Dear Friends in Christ,

You who support the ministry of the “Give Ye Them To Eat” program are very generous donors! You sustained this mission program during the past conference year of 2005-2006, AND provided the funds to purchase a 15-passenger Van for this outreach ministry. We are grateful to you and for you. ¡Muchas Gracias! Que Dios les bendiga. (Thank you! God bless you.)

The next mission emphasis is to train thirty women, in the Northwest Annual Conference of Mexico, as Community-based Primary Health Workers. This is quite a challenge for you, the program sponsors, and us. GYTTE's Community and Family Health Program, “More Than A Bandage,” has been so successful in the Southeast Conference that we have been invited to take the program to other conferences. Bishop, Rev. Jaime Vázquez of the Northwest Annual Conference, has invited GYTTE to bring the health program to his part of the country, which includes the states of Baja California , Baja California del Sur , Sonora and Sinaloa.

We will need your help in achieving this goal. Each woman will attend three courses over the next two years: The Basic Health Course, the First Aid Course, and the Advanced Health Course. The cost of a scholarship for each woman is $333. Dollars per course. It will cover her meals and lodging plus all the instructional materials and first-aid supplies necessary for her to teach preventive health measures and treat injuries once she returns to her community.

Over the next twenty-four months we will need a total of $1,000. Dollars for each woman trained, totaling $30,000. The good news is that the immediate need is for $10,000. Dollars for thirty women to take the Basic Health Course this coming December. The investment in these women will make a great difference in the health of their family, church community and village. We invite you to join us in this challenge for change.

The church leadership is actively recruiting women for this outreach ministry. The GYTTE staff has an effective curriculum and is making all the preparations for the course. Our work is to raise the necessary funds so the church can offer “More Than A Bandage” in meeting the health needs of the people of northwest Mexico. Come join us in this mission priority.

Your Mission Partners,

Terry and Muriel Henderson

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