Advent 2005

Dear Friends and Family:

Greetings from the Hendersons. We wish you well as the month of November comes to a close and December is upon us. As we write we are enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend here in the USA. After several decades of being in Mexico at this time of year, we were able to share this holiday with family, which was very special. We have so much for which to be thankful that we could make a long list but we'll summarize by saying we thank God for improved health, family, friends, mission colleagues and supporters, the church, the faith, and God's all encompassing love, We trust that you too enjoyed a special time with family and friends and that you have much for which to be thankful this year.

The season of Advent is here and carries us toward Christmas. This four week period is a special time when we can dedicate ourselv es, not to just purchasing, decorating and fellowship but, to preparing, once again, to celebrate He who comes continually in Word and Spirit, and whose return in final victory we await. May God soften our hearts so we might be about the business of peace and justice in a world of need where love, acceptance and forgiveness can prevail.

In order to help people prepare for the celebration of Christ's coming, the program staff of "Give Ye Them To Eat" spent two months in the preparation of Advent Materials for the local churches in Mexico. The Advent package includes Sunday School Classes and activities for the children, Advent Devotions for the Sunday Church Services, an Advent calendar and devotional guide for families, and a cassette and CD with the music for the various classes and services as well as other program materials for the season.

The staff member who heads up this ministry in the area of Church and Faith Development is Mirna Mendoza, GYTTE's program administrator. Many years ago, Mirna attended a weekend Christian Education Workshop. While there God gave her a nudge and she felt a great desire to serve God and the Church through Christian Education. Her formal education and experience as well as her participation in local church ministries and many Christian Education workshops have given her the necessary preparation to become the principal writer for the GYTTE curriculum. God gave her a vision of how she could be involved in extending God's kingdom and that was converted into a ministry and mission as Mirna directs the works of GYTTE's Church and Faith Development program. She is assisted by Jocabed Casique, Eunice Marquez, Ivonne Mendoza, Martha Nava, and Clara Palacios, who are the very capable secretaries working with GYTTE. Their combined efforts have been a blessing to churches, families and individuals, adults and children, as they make their way in their faith journey. The blessing is for those involved in the creative process and those who teach the materials as well as those who learn from them.

The GYTTE staff and we are grateful to you, our mission partners, who give us the privilege of serving the Methodist Church and the people of Mexico. We pray that you will also be blessed in knowing that you are involved in extending God's kingdom. May this time of preparation during Advent bring you closer to the One who brings light and love into our world. And may you experience a blessed Christmas.

In the love of He who came and will come again,

Muriel and Terry Henderson

UMC Missionaries in Mexico