Friendship Scholarship Program

Through donor’s admirable giving. These contributions have aided the education of many of our staff and their children. Free education in Mexico does not exist. Education costs begin in Kindergarten through College. Children barely have the opportunity to a successful education because of the family economical constraints they face just to meet their basic needs of food and shelter. Donors that sponsor this Friendship Scholarship Program receive letters and updates of their academic progress and accomplishments.

Currently we have five children of our staff in various educational stages from Elementary through College that are being blessed through this program.

Joel Cruz - College

Andres Sanchez - College

Sara Palacios - Middle School

Pablo Muñoz - Sixth Grade

Azucena Marin - Middle School



We currently have 7 children from our staff without scholarships. They currently live in the rural sector of Tlancualpicán, where our “Tree of Life” Training Center is located.

Daneli Ramirez - Elementary

Yahir Ramirez - Elementary

Fatima Perez - Elementary


Daniel Marin - Middle School

Carlos Ramirez - Middle School

Juan Pablo Perez - High School

We invite you to help these students remain in school to accomplish their educational dreams. Any amount sent to any of these children will be gratefully appreciated.